Terms and conditions of sale


1- Terms and conditions of sale under the terms and conditions under which the purchase and delivery of purchases to you as a buyer on the site or on the application of our mobile phone (collectively referred to as the "Site") owned by the company.

2- Please read these terms carefully before proceeding with the purchase process through the website, sending you to the purchase order via the site confirms your acceptance of these terms of sale and abide by the terms and conditions immediately.

3- In addition, please read our Privacy Policy, where your use of the Site and these Terms of Sale are subject to our Privacy Policy.

Accept the purchase order

1- Supplier: As specified on the website, each product is sold in the purchase order either by us or by a local or international seller

2- Accepting Purchase Order: Your purchase order is accepted when we notify you in writing (either by e-mail or SMS). If we can not accept your purchase order, we will notify you in writing or by telephone

3- We may add or remove certain payment cards or payment methods that have been accepted by us at any time and without prior notice from us.

Cancel Purchase Order :

1- You can cancel the purchase order immediately before shipping the product for any reason.

2- Cancellation of your order: We are entitled to cancel your order at:

-Non-payment of the value of purchases when due

-Your failure during the reasonable period of time we provide you with the information required to deliver the Products to you

-You have not allowed us within a reasonable time to deliver the Products to you or your failure to receive them

-In the event of a bulk or multiple purchase attempt in accordance with item 2.8 below

Bulk Buying and Multiple Buying

We reserve the right to refuse any orders, and according to our discretion, if we find a wholesale purchase or multi-purchase for similar products.

Delivering your order

1-Cost of delivery: The cost of delivery of products according to the prices mentioned on the site

2-Delivery Date: This information will be displayed to you on the website

3-Delay in delivary

-If delivery of the product is delayed for reasons beyond our control, we will contact you as soon as possible to inform you, and we will take steps to minimize the consequences of delay in delivery.

-If there is no one in your address to receive the product and the product can not be mailed to your mailbox, we will inform you in due course of the delivery or receipt of the product. .

- reschedule the product after it can not be delivered to your address, we will contact you for further instructions. We will cancel your order in accordance with the terms of sale when we can not contact you or arrange for a new delivery or delivery date despite our continuous efforts in this regard.

-Delivery from outside the country: You may be registered as an importer if you request delivery of products from abroad. In this case, you must verify that the required products comply with the law and regulations, and you must also be obligated to pay all applicable fees and customs on your purchases.

-Product Ownership: The products are owned by you as soon as we deliver them to you at the delivery address and pay you for their full value.

-Billing: We will issue an invoice for your purchases and send them to your email address.

Return and replacement

The following table shows our return and replacement policy by product category.