Guarantee Policy

Our company guarantee policy ensures that your product is protected against any defects in materials, design and / or industry after purchasing the product. For specific products or in cases where our company is the seller, the repairs covered by the warranty are in our service centers. When a product is purchased by a vendor other than our company, the terms of the seller's warranty apply.

The warranty does not apply to cases other than defects of materials, design and / or industry. Warranty obligations are limited to repair defective product, replacement of faulty part, replacement of product or refund of money according to the same product price on the market (subject to the discretion of the product vendor).

Warranty does not cover all products, so always check the product rating to see if it includes warranty benefits.

In cases where our company is the seller, a 12 month warranty will be provided for eligible items purchased as repair or replacement under the terms of the warranty does not give the right to extend or renew the warranty period. The warranty terms are determined according to the machine manufacturer. If the product can not be repaired but is still subject to factory warranty, we will replace it or refund you if the replacement is not available.

By delivering the product for repair, you agree that our third party repairs the product and gives permission to use your contact details in connection with the repair service. For more details about the guarantees, please see the terms of sale on the website.